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Class 31 - Feed & Seeds

Raw and unprocessed agricultural, aquacultural, horticultural and forestry products; raw and unprocessed grains and seeds; fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs; natural plants and flowers; bulbs, seedlings and seeds for planting; live animals; foodstuffs and beverages for animals; malt.

Class Class Name
31 agricultural products
31 agricultural seeds
31 algae, unprocessed, for human or animal consumption
31 algarovilla for animal consumption
31 almonds [fruits]
31 aloe vera plants
31 anchovy, live
31 animal fattening preparations
31 animal feed
31 animal feed preparations
31 animal fodder
31 animal food
31 animal food for cats
31 animal food for dogs
31 animal food for domesticated household pets
31 animal food for pets
31 animal foodstuffs
31 animal forage
31 apples (fresh -)
31 aromatic sand [litter] for pets
31 arrangement of dried flowers for decorative purposes
31 arrangements made from fresh or dried roses in baskets
31 arrangements made from fresh or dried roses in bouquet
31 arrangements made from fresh or dried roses in boxes
31 arrangements made from fresh or dried roses in vases
31 arrangements of fresh fruit
31 artichokes, fresh
31 bagasses of cane [raw material]
31 bananas (fresh -)
31 barley
31 barley and oats (unprocessed -)
31 barnyard millet
31 beans, fresh
31 beet, fresh
31 berries, fresh
31 beverages for animals and pets
31 beverages for pets
31 bird food
31 bird grit
31 birds
31 birds and fish (live)
31 birds [live]
31 bones for dogs
31 bonsai [potted dwarfed trees]
31 bran
31 bran mash for animal consumption
31 bred stock
31 buckwheat
31 buckwheat, unprocessed
31 bulbs

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